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About Me

My background

I am proud to have been born and raised in Las Vegas. I grew up going to public school and playing sports with my friends in our public parks. I graduated from Clark High School in 1983. After high school, I was awarded an academic scholarship to Pepperdine University in California, where I also played some college baseball.

I have owned and operated my own insurance agency for the past 16 years. I built my agency from the ground up. I pride myself on being a self-made businessman. My experience provides me with insight into the challenges faced by the Nevada family

My top issues

Healthcare: Right of the People

I’m known for being direct, so let me be clear: Healthcare is a right of the people. My number one concern is saving healthcare in the United States.  As an insurance agent, I have helped hundreds of Nevadans both prior to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and now during the ACA era. As a self-employed person for 16 years, I buy my family’s policy in the individual marketplace. I know more about health insurance than most of our politicians. It’s frightening when I watch interviews with our legislators. They clearly do not understand the issue. We are talking about people’s lives, not to mention the economic impact of damaging an industry that makes up 20% of the entire national economy. I can do better.

Economy: Stop Funding Endless Wars. Invest in Our People

Good jobs have been disappearing for decades. In their place, low paying, service industry jobs have become the norm. This is getting worse by the day. As we currently sit, retail jobs are being lost rapidly. Whether due to automation or just changing buying patterns, this is a fact. What we need is a New, New Deal. Anyone can see that our infrastructure is in terrible shape. Our leaders have lacked the courage to address it. As voters, we have not demanded that they do so. It is time to reallocate our tax revenues to improving our roads, bridges, airports, and power grids. These projects will require skilled tradesmen who will earn a decent salary. 

Education: Strengthen the Public System

The education system suffers from a lack of funding. The newly proposed house budget cuts 8 billion from education, but it adds 1.6 billion for a border wall and an additional 25 billion for the military. The United States has plenty of dedicated teachers, administrators, and students. But their efforts are betrayed by inadequate support. The new GOP idea is to privatize everything. Our new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, wants to fund private enterprises with public funds. I am completely against this idea. Instead, we should invest in our public system rather than starving it. The result will be a society which is better educated, and united, not separated between the haves and the have-nots. I am a product of public education and my children are as well.

Campaign Finance Reform: Repeal Citizens United

Corporations are not people. The ramifications of the Citizens United decision have been disastrous for our Democracy. It has allowed super-wealthy individuals to control government policy through their bought and paid-for candidates. With their bottomless supply of money, they can spend as much as it takes to get their way. It is legalized bribery. We must fight this if we want to remain a democracy.

Environment: Save Our Planet

The current administration has declared war on the earth. They deny climate change. They weaken clean water laws. They sell off our best public lands. They appoint an EPA director who wants to abolish the agency altogether. Clearly they have decided to exploit the land for its resources without any regard for the damage being done. It’s all about their money. How immoral must one be to show no concern for the children of the future? They are willing to jeopardize our clean air and water so a handful of billionaires can get even richer. How is that a government serving the people? Protecting our planet must be a priority. A balance between commerce and conservation can be achieved if we make the right choices. 


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